Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions

Fauna Survey Returns System

The Fauna Survey Returns System has been integrated into the new online Wildlife Licensing System

Returns for licences issued prior to the new online system (prefixed with letters SF or TF) will still need to be submitted, however, cannot be uploaded into the new system.

Licence data returns and submission of nil returns for licences issued with the prefix SF or TF can be emailed to [email protected]

From 16 January 2017, applications for several wildlife licence types are available online via the new Wildlife Licensing System.

The new online system improves the process for applying for and processing wildlife licence applications, enabling applicants/licensees to register an account and apply for a licence, pay licence fees, and submit returns online. The system dashboard also shows all pending applications, licences issued, and returns submitted for each user.

Licence types currently available online are:

Wildlife Conservation Regulations 1970

* Refer to this guidance note regarding data requirements for returns for Regulation 17 licences issued in the new system.

Wildlife Conservation (Reptiles and Amphibians) Regulations 2002

Additional licence types will be added to the online system over time.

For further information about the Wildlife Licensing System, contact [email protected]