NatureMap is unavailable

We apologise for any inconvenience.

    NatureMap was retired in December 2021. The Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions understands that NatureMap provided a valued public service that will be fully replicated and enhanced by the Biodiversity Information Office data platform Dandjoo.
    Dandjoo currently provides public access to non-conservation-listed species but, until enhancements are implemented through 2023, Dandjoo lacks the ability to provide secure public access to reduced-precision location information for conservation-listed species. Once the planned enhancements are implemented, Dandjoo will allow users to conduct area searches for individual species (including conservation-listed species) or higher taxonomic ranks.
    Before these enhancements are implemented, please continue to send requests for biodiversity data that you would have previously obtained via NatureMap to, using ‘NatureMap search request’ in the subject of your email. Please specify the requested search area (central coordinates/administrative boundary/attach a shapefile), search radius (km), chart datum (if relevant) and any other information relevant to the search.
    Please note that you will not be charged for data requests that you would have previously obtained through NatureMap. Data searches for occurrences of conservation-listed (threatened, priority or specially protected) species and ecological communities for commercial purposes, will continue to be charged. For further information on commercial purpose data searches, click here.
    Thank you for your patience while we work towards making Western Australian biodiversity data more discoverable, accessible, and usable.